With a lot of great years behind me, I have decided to close down SawGrip. The decision was not easy but all things must come to an end sooner or later.

I would like to thank all the customers that I have done business with over the years. SawGrip success was due in part to your support and loyalty to our product.

Inventory As of 02/22/2024

3 – Can Am LinQ Units          3 – Can Am Composite Rack Units

Several T-Handles were lost by customers over the years and I will continue to offer those for replacement if I have them. Email me if you need one.

Thank You Again and God Bless
Mike LeMaster


SawGrip Will:

  • Eliminate scratching your cargo racks or fenders.
  • Eliminate fuel and oil spills
  • Eliminate constantly untying your saw to use it.
  • Eliminate dirt and mud on your bar and chain.
  • Eliminate the need to always check if your saw gets loose or fell off.
  • Save space unlike a box or chainsaw case that take away cargo space.
  • Cross streams with out the worry your bar and chain will get wet or damaged by junk you can’t see in the water.
  • Eliminate a bent bar when running over rocks and logs.
  • Won’t increase vehicle width like side mounted vertical units that put your chainsaw in danger of hitting trees or other obstacles in narrow places.

Customer Reviews


“I mounted the SawGrip on my 2014 outlander max xt 650. Easy installation and looks great.”

Don Simpson, OK, Can Am - 2012 Outlander with composite rack

“I have had mine for over a year now and have cut firewood for heat for over twenty years. Holds a 50cc saw like a vise, a great quality product made in the USA. Thank you.”

Ted Shaw, PA, Yamaha