Here’s what a few owners are saying about their experience with the SawGrip.
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Brandon O’ Connor – Tennessee
Fantastic product and equally fantastic customer service. I ordered over a holiday and even while out of the office,
Mike did an incredible job communicating as to when I should expect my SawGrip. I mounted it right away and it has 
seen about 45 miles of use with a STIHL. I have been clearing a piece of property and have been taking the saw in 
and out more than I have been riding with it. Its keeps the saw very handy and protected. Very Pleased! 
Model_purchased: Arctic Cat - Speed Rack
Dave Lehtinen – Canada
Polaris RZR Horizontal Bar Mounting
Dear Mr and Miss Saw Grip
I picked up one of your Saw Grip’s about 1-year ago, and just love it. Now I won’t leave home with out it now. I have 
the RZR Horizontal Bar Mount modal. I live in northern Ontario and ride all kinds of back woods trails, and there is not
a day that I am out riding that I don’t come across a tree blocking the trail. My saw is easy to access and held securely 
in place till I need it, once again, love the mount. All of the other riders comment on it as they undo their 12 bungee 
cords or straps.
If I can make a comment, the only thing that gives me any grief, is the “Wing Nut / Butterfly-Nut” . I am having to replace it because, the plastic is spinning on the nut and I can not remove the saw, happened twice now, (sad face) while out on the trail. Going to pick up a new nut and then go see a welder.
But once again love it (happy face) 
p.s. Its not the size of you saw that counts, its how you “SawGrip

Model_purchased: Polaris - Lock N Ride

Darin Martins – Oregon
We have a 2015 Kawasaki Treyx 800 UTV. Bought the handyman so I could drill my own mounting holes for my custom 
spare tire rack. Product is well thought out and well made, in the USA! I mounted a Stihl MS170 and its rock solid. 
It's out of the way and I don't have to worry about the dogs stepping all over it and getting cut up. I was going to
build my own saw carrier but found this and couldn't be happier. Awesome product guys, well done!
Model_purchased: Handyman
Bryce Konowalyk – Canada
I just purchased my saw grip a few weeks ago in preparation for the upcoming August long weekend and a few days at 
the cabin. I could not be happier with my purchase. The quality of the entire buying process, from placing the 
order, to receiving and installing, and the quality of product itself were / are second to none. The SawGrip fit 
perfectly on my 2014 Outlander Max. Both of my saws (a Husky 350 and a Stihl 362) fit easily with a quick tension 
adjustment on the bottom two studs, and I'm off clearing trails.The hand written thank you on the packing slip was 
an very unexpected and nice "personal" touch as well, especially in today's electronic marketplace. 
Great job!
Model_purchased: Can Am - 2012 Outlander with Comp Rack
Jim Klosterman – Washington


Wanted to let you know that I recently returned home to find my SawGrip for my CanAm Outlander Max that I had ordered. I installed the SawGrip in less then 15 minutes and was very pleased with your product. It shouldn't take more then 30 seconds to either attach the saw or detach the saw for use or travel. It's simple, well made and effective! I was very happy that the design allowed full usage of my front factory rack! If you would like for me to write a recommendation for your product for your consideration for marketing purposes I would be more than happy to do so.



Shaw Walker – Michigan
Hello Mike,

You and I spoke yesterday afternoon about the trouble I was having mounting the SawGrip on my 2016 Honda Foreman.  If you'll recall, the problem was that the two supplied U-bolts were too small to fit over the Foreman's rack tubes.  I wanted to let you know that the trouble was cured with one size larger U-bolts from my local Tractor Supply store.  I was even able to fit four U-bolts instead of two, as you can see in the attached photos.  The mount is solid as a rock.  The only problem, which you'll also see in the photos, is the ends of the U-bolts are too long.  But I'm very happy to have the SawGrip mounted.  It is solid and very well constructed.  Thank you, sir, for a great product made in the USA.  I'm ready to go to work!  Oh, and even though you asked, don't worry about the cost of the U-bolts.  They were only a couple of bucks, and I live two blocks from Tractor Supply!

Thanks for your kind assistance on the phone yesterday, and best wishes for the new year.
Ryan Cropper – Maryland
What a great product.  Shipping was fast and product was simple to put on. The bracket has great craftsmanship and 
is heavy-duty.  Thanks for a great product and if others are thinking of this product you won't be disappointed. Honda
Blake Griffis – Arkansas
Fantastic piece of equipment, it's very simple to use and works exactly as advertised. I will not own an ATV 
without one.
Ken Southworth


 My SawGrip arrived this morning! Had it on my ATV in less than 5 minutes! Great design. I love it!




Keith Dollar – Alabama
Just mounted a Vertical Mount on a Kubota M7040 tractor.  It fit perfectly on the left side front loader frame.